Supply chain Approach and collaboration: the keys to success

The inspiring principle

All the elements that make up an organization must be an integral part of it and work in a synergic and harmonious way, one in direct connection with the other. Each function, from procurement to production of the final product, must move towards specific goals to ensure their achievement. Through advanced managerial models, each department must respond punctually and effectively to the company’s needs to support its growth.

In a global business framework that becomes increasingly volatile and with increasingly connected, complex and transnational processes, the supply chain and decision-making processes of companies must be more agile, punctual and resistant than ever.

To address these challenges, aligning business strategy with its operations is essential to create value and satisfy a company’s customer base. Thanks to the implementation of an efficient and effective supply chain, the company can not only react quickly and successfully to economic, technological and market changes, but also gain a competitive and strategic advantage.

Allowing the company to reach its targets, thanks to the management of individual areas and their alignment, in an effective and economically sustainable manner, is the mission of Opus supply chain experts.

Our methodology aims at aligning the Client’s operational capabilities with its objectives and its business strategy, through the design of a robust supply chain, and guarantee operational excellence in a simple and distinguished way. Our specialists create real impact across suppliers, production, logistics and customer base to create and preserve value and achieve the Client’s ultimate objectives. The final result ensures that the entire organizational chain is able to support itself while responding to all needs in a coordinated, efficient and effective manner, without wasting the efforts of each department.

Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

Benchmarking services that baseline your current performance and help to size and prioritize the gaps between current performance and operational excellence. Vision alignment to assess, evaluate, quantify, and execute critical operating models and structural changes needed to enable the execution of the business strategy. Operating model redesign to align the company’s operations and its supply chain strategy for improved efficiency across the value chain.

Sales and Operations Planning

Integrated business planning for the development of a unified plan across sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain. Demand planning for the creation of an enterprise forecast that senses market trends. Supply planning for the creation of plans to effectively respond to latest demand signals. Facilitation of workshops, definition of user stores and business requirements, and support for the selection of a planning solution to drive value and enable business objectives. End-to-end delivery of advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions, including process design, development, testing, training, and change management.

Network Optimization

Global footprint strategy and network design to align supply chain, supplier base, and customer footprints to meet current requirements and position for growth. Upgrading of supply chain flexibility and identification of supply chain capabilities to improve response time optimizing working capital requirements and supply chain costs. Support for site selection and negotiations with local authorities, tactical sequencing and communication strategies.

Manufacturing Optimization

Development of manufacturing strategies also aimed at facility rationalization and manufacturing expansion. Production systems lean operations improvement, just-in-time strategies and sequential supply chain. Direct material cost reduction and supplier relationship/partnership development.

Logistics and Distribution services

Global transportation optimization through operating strategies and creation of global transportation networks including effective nodes, high services levels, and sustainable cost structures. Logistics strategy execution through models that align with organizational design, network strategy and customer demand for effective management of global fulfillment and transportation operations. Omni-channel enablement to support cross-channel order demand. Development and execution of sourcing strategies.

Sourcing and Procurement services

Direct and indirect materials sourcing to determine potential areas of savings relating to both direct cost of goods sold as well as indirect selling, general, and administrative costs. Extended business relationship management by connecting buyers and sellers. Services for the management of strategic sourcing, supplier management, and contract management.

Our process

Assessment including the Supply Chain
1 +
Process improvment program
2 +
Risk assessment and risk management
3 +
Development of a solid Supply Chain strategy
4 +
Implementation and continuous support
5 +

Enhanced strategic value

Opus’ supply chain competences aim at the alignment between the Client’s supply chain and business strategy, which leads to the integration of supply chain ecosystem across finance, sales and marketing, product development and IT. This evolution leads to improved financial forecasting, gross margin, operating income, and asset efficiency. As a result, the supply chain becomes a competitive advantage able to trigger significant top-line growth.

Cost reduction

As a company adopts Opus’ supply chain practices, costs are significantly reduced across its entire value chain, from inventories to working capital, from materials to procurement, as well as production, distribution and transportation. Furthermore, in order to ensure the sustainability of advanced business models, which are specific for each customer, each project is defined in all its aspects from the beginning. In addition, the preparation of a Final Report, delivered and shared with the Client, guarantees a constant update about the results and the economic efficiencies actually achieved.

Higher quality of products and services

Thanks to an effective and responsive supply chain performance, enterprises can make better, timely decisions to drive value to customers, shareholders, and various stakeholders across the supply chain. The objectives achieved through Opus’ competences and instruments translate in improvements in customer service, management control, flexibility and innovation, which in turn allow to formulate a clear, quantifiable, and customer-centric vision for the future.

Accelerated synergies and time to market

Opus’ methodology ensures enhanced efficiency and competence across the entire supply chain, which trigger significant reductions in customer lead-time and the possibility to develop just-in-time strategies. This evolution generates the development of synergies as well as the ongoing capability to evaluate business and environmental changes that affect the supply chain.

Collaborative, results-oriented implementation

Opus’ proprietary approach to co-creation and change management ensures that organizations proceed from strategy to implementation and deliver sustained results while adapting to changing customer needs over time.

The ally to create value