International deployment Providing new perspectives to foster your growth

The inspiring principle

The growth of a company implies its evolution. In order to address this need, it is necessary to adequately know the company’s nature and to understand all the contexts in which it can evolve and increase its value. Sometimes, looking outside the territorial borders within which the company works can represent an opportunity that, if seized with the right means, instruments and competences, can lead to a vital turning point.

Opus’ internationalization experts, thanks to their highly specialized competences, support and facilitate Italian companies that are evaluating and deciding to expand abroad. According to the same principle, Opus supports foreign firms that are approaching the Italian market.

By applying a unique methodology and with the help of the latest instruments, our specialists are able to combine the necessities of a firm with a market that can satisfy its needs and enhance its strengths.

Our objective: to identify the strengths and opportunities specific to the company, and to create concrete conditions and foundations to the company’s competitive advantages, both in its home country and abroad.

Market analysis and selection

Identification of the countries that offer the best opportunities in relation to the customer’s core business. Sharing of all the information necessary to operate successfully in the identified market, both from an economic/legal point of view and from a social standpoint. Market segmentation, trends and development prospects. Identification of the target segments.

Training and assistance in commercial development

Training activities, workshops and field support in sales effectiveness, negotiation techniques, multicultural management, leadership development and teamworking.
Assistance for the development of new relationships and partnerships with distributors, suppliers and customers, up to the last steps of the acquisition.

Legal and economic training

Training aimed at ensuring the necessary skills so that the internal resources of the company can adequately manage all issues related to international relations and relate properly with partners and authorities.

International contracts

International procurement contracts, real estate, international transport contracts.

Administrative practices

Support in managing relations with local and state/public administrations, legal, administrative and strategic coverage, assistance with participation in tenders and obtaining grants.


Management of international commercial arbitration and debt collection. Preventive risk assessment and specialized assistance in disputes before all jurisdictions, including EU.

Supply chain

Infrastructure analysis, assistance and development of strategies in the field of transport law and related contracts. Litigation management.

Customs Law

Assistance from an operational and tax perspective. Support in the adoption of preventive litigation measures with the Customs Agency. Support to obtain simplified procedures, customs certifications regarding AEO and safety of goods in international shipments. Assistance in the attribution of the origin of the goods to be exported to non-EU countries and the correct application of the Italian legislation on Made in Italy. Full assistance in the dispute with the Customs Agency.

Human resources management

Needs analysis and recruiting activities. Stipulation of contracts, detachment of workers, assistance in matters of labor law and administrative practices. Opinions and litigation management.

Cost management

Identification and analysis of needs, rationalization of general costs and constant monitoring of results.

Our process

Customer knowledge
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Identification of resources
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Market choice
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Entry strategy
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Company integration in the foreign market

Our goal is to achieve complete integration of the Company within the foreign market and to provide all the support necessary to maintain a position of importance in the same.

Targeted assistance

The construction of the incoming strategy, the collaborations, the assistance and every other aspect of the internationalization process are studied and tailored to the needs of the Company and its real needs.

Training and continuous updating

Opus constantly ensures its customers the availability of updated information on individual markets and on the specific weight of individual segments and players. Opus ensures that the Company knows and applies the specific national and international regulations in force.

Integrated skills

Thanks to the integrated vision and work in synergy of all its Business Units, Opus is able to respond to every need.

Constant customer support

The department is composed of a group of professional excellence, with solid experience in the internationalization and foreign trade sector. Opus constantly supports the customer, from the organizational phase and correct corporate structuring, to the elaboration and successful implementation of entry strategies in the foreign market.

Costs and economic benefits always under control

In order to ensure the sustainability of advanced business models, developed for each specific customer, each project is defined, from the beginning, in all its aspects. Furthermore, the preparation of a final report, shared with the Client, guarantees a constant updating of the results achieved.

Promotion and networking

Thanks to the international network and the know-how of its specialists, Opus assists its Customers in creating a sophisticated network of contacts and international relations. To this end, our experts are also responsible for organizing meetings aimed at activating partnerships and partnerships based on internationalization.

The ally to create value