Cost management Focused on the details that make the difference

Our philosophy, unique

Creating value is the key element in the genetic code of Opus.

Together with the Client, we define how to optimize profitability and improve the company’s quality standards by identifying  intervention areas and margin improvements through a tailored analysis, free of charge, of structural overhead costs.

It is our mission to support our Clients in creating opportunities to economize.

Opus shares its knowledge to fulfill a constant need in its Clients: to reduce costs, while ensuring quality and no financial risks thanks to its Success Fee formula.

We let the numbers do the talking for us.

percentage of our interventions have resulted in effective cost reduction

Results: our numbers will do the talking Average cost reduction result for each intervention category.

Our process

Meeting with the Client to define the intervention areas
1 +
Data collection
2 +
Analyzing the process activities
3 +
4 +
5 +
6 +
Implementation of recommendations
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Success Fee

Opus gets compensated by sharing the actual realized result: no cure > no pay.

Non-invasive intervention

The presence of Opus’ specialists at the Client is limited to the moments of presentation and sharing the project documents of the analysis.

Best Practice

Sharing and transfer of best practices capable of determining the achievement of additional savings margins.

Best Price

Identification of the best market conditions for each expense category.

Achievement of objectives

Negotiation of the best economic conditions for the achievement of savings in line with the set objectives.


Transfer of the experiences matured by Opus Specialists in the specific sectors of competence. Greater awareness and continuity of the culture of savings.

The ally to create value