The inspiring principle

To internally and externally protect a company while preserving its very nature is the basis of Opus’ work. It is our objective to clarify every legal issue or argument using the company’s jargon.

What distinguishes us is our project-based approach that is applied on the legal scope with analysis, assistance and support activities.

Legal services are a mandatory passage for every type of business; infact, every single entrepreneurial operation should be verified by a lawyer. Through a scrupulous analysis of the critical needs, the juristic specialist can support the company in many decisions that otherwise might lead to substanti al economic damage or worse.

The mission of our Legal Department, the natural completion of Opus’ competence areas, arises from the awareness, based on the necessity to support the company in developing a tailored action plan for the design of an evolved business model, in accordance with the law, able to support and distinguish the company amongst its competitors.

Integrating as a part of the company, we identify the real issues adopting competence and punctuality as key aspects of our process, both in the internal and external business environment. Our goal is to provide and to guarantee a solution for every legal requirement of the enterprise, communicating with the Client by its managerial jargon.

The intervention areas

The focus of Opus’ Legal Department specialization includes:

Commercial law

Assistance in private law for enterprises, especially in company law, business contracts, debt securities and real estate law.

Corporate governance

Governance analysis and arrangement of policy models, policy procedures and business compliance. (Organizational Models ex D. Lgs. 231/2001, regulations, internal procedures and para-social pacts).

Corporate internazionalization

Assistance during the planning and the implementation of projects regarding business investments abroad, with commercial and/or productive objectives.

Corporate security

Coordination of internal and external investigation activities run by highly specialized professionals. Internal interventions: absenteeism, pre-hiring investigations, bullying, insider trading, non-disclosure pacts and collaborators and employees’ loyalty. External interventions: unfair competition, protection of intellectual property rights and brands, competitive intelligence.

Customs law

Assistance regarding customs law under the operational and tax law profile. Support during the adoption of preventive measures versus disputes with the Customs Agency. Support in obtaining the simplified customs procedures, AEO customs certifications and goods safety of international shipments. Assistance in the allocation of the origin of goods destined for international markets and in the correct application of the legislation regarding Made in Italy.

Extraordinary operations

Mergers, acquisitions, divisions, inverse mergers, buy back, leverage buyout.

Financial corporate renovation

Corporate crisis management negotiating agreements for debt restructuration with the creditors. Management of relations with financial institutes. Management of insolvency procedures.

Industrial law

Negotiation tools for the protection, management and development of industrial and intellectual property, registration of brands and patents, national and international protection of brands and logo’s. Enforcement actions against unfair competition. Technology transfer projects.

Labor law

Assistance in the arguments of labor law, from the stipulation of the individual labor contract to union agreements for technical unemployment operations, to the management of mediation processes in legal labor disputes.


Preventive risk assessment and assistance during disputes for every civil, penal, administrative and special jurisdiction in Italy and abroad.

Transportation law

Assistance in and elaboration of strategies in terms of transportation law and the related contracting.

The advantages

Targeted assistance

Carefully choosing the proper legal support and the professional with whom to start a relati onship of trust is an increasingly complex and delicate activity. In fact, in today’s legal scenario, Opus’ specialists guarantee specific competences, whereas the historical corporate lawyer cannot master all the necessary knowledge: this conservative choice might disadvantage the Client facing a counterparty, especially when the latt er is assisted by specialized professionals.

Integrated vision

Opus, thanks to its integrated and regularly updated vision of the corporate juridical panorama, allows the company to dialogue with its professionals and to get access to these services with competitive market costs fully respecting the Client’s budget.

Dymanic identification of problems

Opus’ legal department offers to be a unique partner, reliable in providing effective solutions. Our department is composed of a group of professional excellences in corporate management with a solid experience in legally related issues. Detailed analysis and diagnosis are valuable tools to define the real needs and targets of the company.

Constant customer support

Our knowledge, highly qualified and specialized combined with a professional know how resulting of a profound corporate culture, allows us to constantly support the Client from the organizational and correct corporate structuring phase, through the logistic and customs strategy phase, the optimal contractual management with employees and third parties, to the protection and valuation of the intellectual and corporate property and the correct implementation of internationalization processes.

Corporate culture

Our sensitivity for business problems and our competence in the Client’s business area allows us to use a language that is never limited to the legal jargon, but that is coherent and close to the company’s values.

Partner network

Opus works in a dense and consolidated network of partners and collaborators active in several countries and markets, thanks to whom we are able to provide the Client an eligible service and to guarantee the highest professionalism in every business aspect and in every market.

Clear and defined budget

Aiming to guarantee clear and punctual forecasts, every project is defined from the beginning in every aspect, with special regard to the economic part that always considers the Client’s availability.

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The process

Do you want full legal protection? Contact us!

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