The inspiring principle

The growth of a company implies its evolution. In order to address this need, it is necessary to adequately know its nature and to understand all the contexts in which it can evolve and manifest its value. Sometimes, looking outside the territorial borders within which the company works can represent an opportunity that, if seized with the right means, instruments and competences, can lead to a vital turning point.

Opus’ internationalization experts, thanks to their highly specialized competences, sustain and distinguish Italian companies that are evaluating and deciding to expand abroad from their competition. According to the same principle, Opus supports foreign firms that are approaching the Italian market. By applying an owned, unique methodology and with the help of the latest instruments, our specialists are able to combine the necessities of a firm with a market that can satisfy its needs and enhance its strengths.

Our objective: to identify the forces and opportunities specific of each business reality in order to create concrete and unique conditions that will form the foundation of its competitive advantages within its home country as well as abroad. The final result takes into consideration the efficient and effective integration of business activities within the new market without altering the company’s nature or culture.

The intervention areas

Market analysis and selection

Individuation of countries that offer the best opportunities based on the Client’s core business. Sharing of all the information necessary to operate successfully in the market identified from an economic, legal and social point of view. Market segmentation, trends and prospects for development. Identification of target segments.

Training and assistance in business development

Activities of training and field support in terms of sales effectiveness, negotiation techniques, multicultural management, leadership development and teamworking. Complete assistance for new relationship development and partnership development with distributors, suppliers and clients, up until the last steps of the acquisition.

Training in legal and economic matters

Training aimed at ensuring the necessary skills to guarantee that internal company resources can effectively handle all issues related to international relations and deal adequately with stakeholders and authorities.

International contract law

International tenders and contracts, real estate, contracts for international transport.


Support in relationship management with local and nationwide public institutions, legal, administrative and strategic operations, and assistance in the participation in tenders and the obtainment of grants.


Management of international commercial arbitrations and debt collection. Preventive risk assessment and specialized assistance in litigation before all courts, including those at European level.

Supply chain

Analysis of infrastructure and elaboration of strategies concerning transport law and relative contracts. Litigation management.

Customs law

Assistance in operational and tax contexts. Support for the adoption of preemptive measures and disputes with customs authorities. Support in simplification procedures, customs certifications (AEO) and goods security during international trade. Assistance in the allocation of the origin of goods to be exported in extra-communitarian countries and the correct application of the Italian legislation concerning the “Made in Italy”. Complete assistance during litigations with customs agencies.

Human resource management

Need analysis and recruiting activities. Edition of contracts, lay-offs, assistance in labor law and administrative practices. Opinions and litigation management.

Cost reduction

Need identification and analysis, rationalization of general costs and constant monitoring of results.

The advantages

Effective and efficient integration of the company within the foreign market

Our objective is to achieve the complete integration of the company within the foreign market and to provide all the support necessary to maintain a competitive position within it.

Targeted assistance

The formulation of entry strategies, collaborations, assistance and every other aspect of the internationalization project are studied and tailored to the company and its specific needs.

Training and continuous updating

Our Clients can constantly take advantage of the most recent information regarding single markets and their segments and players. Opus ensures that the company is aware of and complies with specific regulations and norms of reference, nationally and internationally.

Integrated competences

Thanks to the integrated vision and the synergies arising across our business units, Opus is able to address every internationalization need and ensure the investment of resources and energy towards verified strategic channels.

Working alongside the Client

Our department consists of a group of professionals considered excellences in the fields of internationalization and foreign trade thanks to their solid experience. Opus constantly supports the Customer, from the stage of planning and corporate structuring, up to the development and successful implementation of the entry strategy in the foreign market.

Costs and benefits always under control

In order to ensure the sustainability of our advanced development models, which are tailored for each specific Client, every project is defined in every aspect since its inception. Furthermore, the formulation of a final report, delivered to and shared with the Client, guarantees constant updates regarding the effectively achieved results and economic efficiencies.

Promotion and networking

Thanks to the international network and know-how of our specialists, Opus assists its Clients in the creation of a sophisticated network of contacts and international relation, fundamental to ensure their strategic positioning abroad and to create original and innovative development strategies. Accordingly, our experts are also responsible for the organization of workshops and meetings focused on the formation of collaborations and partnerships around the topic of internationalization.

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The process

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  • Meeting
    the Client

    The internationalization process starts with a patrimonial, economic and financial analysis of the company in order to determine its competitive positioning, needs and potential abroad. The SWOT analysis aims at identifying the company’s strengths and margins for improvement, and how these can be exploited to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats coming from the company’s external environment.

  • Choice
    of the market

    The choice of the market is based on the Client’s nature and its specific needs, from which precise requirements are derived that the foreign market needs to fulfill in order to let the company achieve its objectives. The choice of the market in which to operate is composed of three analytical phases focused on the requirements and necessities of the Client:

    The market analysis defines the market’s attractiveness by assessing the extent to which it satisfies the needs of the company.

    The PESTEL analysis takes into consideration the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal frameworks of the foreign market to ensure that the company can operate locally in complete safety.

    The competitor analysis defines the possibilities and instruments ensuring the company to successfully operate within the market by considering the competitors already active locally.

  • Feedback

    By fully respecting the plan agreed upon, Opus updates the Client timely and in detail with regards to all the areas of intervention. The final report summarizes the implementation plan with regards to predetermined objectives and with a detailed description of the steps to be followed in order to achieve a complete integration of the company within the new market. Opus’ experts follow the Client step by step, within pre-established terms and conditions, ensuring total assistance and the concrete achievement of each goal.

  • Resource

    Knowing our Client’s critical needs allows us to identify the resources necessary among the ones provided by foreign countries to international companies. These analyses are conducted through four distinct yet interconnected phases:

    The search for raw materials and human resources for the production and development of the company.

    The search of a new market for the expansion of the customer base.

    The need to expand to gain efficiency and savings, especially in terms of operations, financial activities and IT.

    The need to acquire new technologies to remain innovative and updated in the industry and competitive environment in which the company is operating.

    This methodical analysis allows to coherently define a market within which the company can work successfully while preserving its nature.

  • Entry

    By combining the type of resources necessary with the chosen market, it is possible to formulate the strategy that will allow the Client to successfully position itself and operate within the new territory. Opus is expert in every strategy aimed at entering a foreign market, in particular:
    • Import and export strategies;
    • Licensing and franchising;
    • Outsourcing, contract manufacturing, offshoring and nearshoring;
    • Strategic alliances;
    • Foreign direct investments, including mergers, (partial) acquisitions, joint ventures, and greenfield investments.

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